Suitable for gifts

⚫︎Wedding gift

Utagawa Hiroshige Hiroshige’s Bird and Flower paintings

A male with a beautiful feather color is standing in front followed by a female. The mates are always together: the Japanese term, “oshidori,” happily married birds, came from the mates. The birds’ legs are drawn in omohan, without the black outer lines, which enables the depiction of the clearness and cleanness of the water. We can see the happily mated birds are swimming in the stream together. This is the best gift for a wedding.

⚫︎Gift for the birth of a child

Utagawa Hiroshige Hiroshige’s Bird and Flowers paintings “A Japanese Red Crowned Crane on the Wave”

People say that cranes bring happiness and they are considered as a symbol of prosperity. Their appearance is very elegant and loved by many people. The lapping waves lead to the endless and everlasting happiness. The scarlet in the sky represents bright sunlight. This work is best for celebrating a newborn.

⚫︎Celebrating long life/Turning sixty years old/Receiving awards/Recognition from the company and long service

Katsushika Hokusai “South Wind, Clear Sky “ from “The Thirty-six Great View of Mt. Fuji”

Illuminating red for the rising sun from the late summer to early fall: red Mt. Fuji can be seen during the season.This is said to possibly only happen once in a year or not at all. In addition, it will only be illuminated red for five minutes.Because of this miraculous phenomenon, the red Fuji is definitely a symbol of good luck; therefore, many artists have used it as a motif in their works.Among them, “South Wind, Clear Sky” by Hokusai has significance. It is chosen for various celebrations.This is the most suitable work for celebrating long life, turning sixty years old, receiving awards, recognition from the company, long service, and wishing for further advancement.

⚫︎Gift for building a house or moving to a new home

Utagawa Hiroshige “The Fifty-Three Stations on the Tokaido” “Nihon-bashi Bridge”
Building a house or moving to a new home is a milestone of life.

Nihon-bashi bridge is a starting point of the Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido.
With the dawn, the leader of the feudal lord’s procession is visible. You can see a group of fishermen that already finished shopping at the early morning riverside fish market on the left. The morning of “Nihon-bashi Bridge” is lively: this is just right for the beginning of the new life.

⚫︎For Father’s day

Katsushika Hokusai “Koshu Kajikazawa” from “The Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji”

On the giant rock sticking out in the rapid current, fishermen father and son are casting the net. The setting, location of people, and the depictions have intensity. The child is absorbed in his work, focused on a basket. He seems to have no worry because his father is right next to him. In contrast to the intensity, gorgeous Mt. Fuji can be seen calmly over the morning haze. The entire work impresses upon us the father’s strength and kindness.

⚫︎For Mother’s Day

Kitagawa Utamaro Utamaro Famous Work Selection “A Mother and Child Peeling a Peach”

This work is full of the mother’s kindness and unconditional love and the beauty of the child. Some of the items, glassware, paper fan, sleeve rolled up to the shoulder, and exposed breast area, remind us that it is mid-summer. The round face of the mother and a child who is looking at her mother’s hand still contrast each other and that makes us smile. The work is rich with the affection between mother and child.

⚫︎Gift commemorating the founding of a company or a grand opening

Utagawa Hiroshige Hiroshige’s Bird and Flowers paintings “A Hawk on the Pine Tree”

A hawk on the pine tree with full-blown dignity and the first sunrise represents mettle to proceed forward bravely. Pines are believed to represent eternal life, bravery, and a sense of advancement because of their abundance of green leaves even in the cold of winter.
A hawk grabbing fortune with strong claws has a wonderful meaning: driving the evils away with keen eye sight and flying up to the sky also means momentum is soaring. This work is best fit for commemorating the founding of a company or the grand opening of a store.