Customers’ Comments

We would like to share the comments of customers who purchased Ukiyo-e from our shop.

⚫︎Customers’ comment: “It works for good luck. It’s our staff’s idea to display it.”

Software Work & Web Production Company
CEO Mr. Ryoji Yamaguchi

I wanted to have something which works for good luck if I display it. I heard before that “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” in “The Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji” brings good luck from Feng shui or something. I do not know much about Ukiyo-e, but it has an impact and makes us energetic just by looking at. Our staff has made favorable comments about this Ukiyo-e: “Displaying artworks have room to breathe. Good.” Our work is busy every day. So, I think this artwork is wonderful for somehow inviting good luck.

It’s our staff’s idea to display it. When I saw first saw it, I exclaimed, “Wow, it’s so cool!” spontaneously. Perhaps, displaying Ukiyo-e in a frame is not a proper way; however, if we place it in this clear acrylic frame, we can display it anywhere easily. It even enables me to take this frame down and gaze at in my hand. Since I am displaying this Ukiyo-e on the meeting room table, sometimes my customers and I enhance our conversation by talking about Ukiyo-e.

I purchased this Ukiyo-e hoping for good luck. Now I am starting to think about getting a complete set of the series. I am thinking about what I shall purchase next.

⚫︎Customers’ comment: “We now have a gift that is the only one like it in the world.”

We were looking for a gift for our important customers outside of Japan.
We always wanted to send “Something which is a one of a kind in the world.” We wanted to send something that is truly the only one in the world, having originality, and sending it cordially.

The person loves Japanese culture and arts deeply, so we were thinking of Ukiyo-e as one of our options. However, just sending Ukiyo-e has no originality.

What came across in my mind was “How about asking someone to draw Ukiyo-e with a design associated with the person? If so, it will be a gift unlike any other item in the world!” So, I started looking for the shop on the internet, and I found Ukiyo-e Japan and asked them.

We had several meetings and finally they shipped.
We are highly satisfied that we could send a one of a kind gift to our important customer.

“The Sea off Satta”, from “The Thirty-six Great View of Mt. Fuji” by Utagawa Hiroshige.

⚫︎Customers’ comment: “Thanks to Ukiyo-e, communication with the members of the community has been increasing”

We started displaying Ukiyo-e so that our assisted home community members will be pleased. From my childhood, I love Ukiyo-e so much. For instance, whenever I heard that the post office had issued a new series of Ukiyo-e stamps, I went to there to buy them. I loved them so much aesthetically that I even stood in line to get them. Personally, I love actors’ Ukiyo-e such as Sharaku’s designs. But, it does not match the atmosphere of the facility. Therefore, I chose the series so that many people will be pleased, such as from “The Thirty-Six Great View of Mt. Fuji” and “Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido” to start with.

What makes me happy is that since we started displaying, communication among staff and members is increasing. Ukiyo-e has a story, so I asked the staff to learn. Meanwhile, the conversation with members is enhanced. That is a very wonderful thing. Some of the members in our community have intimacy with Ukiyo-e, so we will learn sometimes.

↑It is displayed in the hallway
The frame color matches so it is a nice interior decoration.