Reliable Packing

⚫︎Reliable Packing and Shipping

We occasionally hear the following from customers:Is there any chance the printed work will get bent?I am concerned the framed item might be broken.Please do not worry.We pack and ship the items safely and reliably considering the items’ specifications.

⚫︎Framed Items

We use acrylic materials for our frames, so it is hard to break. Also, the acrylic material works for cutting ultraviolet rays which can cause deterioration of the paper.
・Secure Packing

When shipping, we wrap the items with packing materials and secure them in cardboard boxes. We pack your item tightly to allow shipping abroad.

⚫︎Purchasing Prints (Sheet) Only

We will secure your purchased items with thick cardboard and wrap it with packing materials to ship.
Even though it is not bulky packing, we have heard many positive responses from our customers.

⚫︎ Easy to carry abroad! Just fits in a suitcase

Our reproduction of Ukiyo-e woodblock prints are medium size (approximately 32.5~34cm×22~24cm, limited to “The Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido,” “The Great Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji,” and Toshusai Sharaku’s work). It is easy enough to pack in a suitcase. We pack the purchased items securely so that you can take the items with you without worrying that they will get bent going overseas. (*)(*) When you pack the items, please take care not to put anything heavy on them.We would ask for your judgment whether you carry the items with you or not. We are not responsible if the item is damaged when you carry it. Thank you for understanding.

⚫︎ Noshi (Gift wrapping decorative paper)

Noshi is a Japanese cultural tradition and is necessary for gifts.
You will select the format depending on the recipient and purpose of your gift.
Here are some of the examples of Mizuhiki (decorative cord):
Bow knot… Happy occasions, such as the birth of a child to bring joy many times over.
Tied in square knot…One-time occasion, such as a wedding (also for funerals)
For either occasion, the sender writes the purpose on the upper space of Mizuhiki, and the sender’s name below it. The following is an example.

Where to put Noshi, Uchinoshi (inside) and Sotonoshi (outside)
There are two ways to put Noshi. One is Uchinoshi directly wrapped with Noshi inside, and the other is Sotonoshi, on top of the wrapping paper.
People cannot see Uchinoshi, wrapped directly with the gift therefore, it is customarily used for the celebration in the family and it should not to be too obvious. Uchinoshi is used more often.
On the other hand, Sotonoshi is overlapped on top of the regular wrapping, so it is very obvious. Therefore, the purpose for sending the gift is known at a glance and Sotonoshi is used for the birth of a child, weddings, and other happy occasions.

⚫︎ Production of Okuzuke

“This is a commemorative gift so I want to add some words.”Okuzuke can expresse such a feeling. We offer put your name on the back of frame.As a record of anniversaryAs a message to express memoryWe will respond to your needs in various manner.Please feel free to ask us.