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⚫︎Why do you offer in an affordable price range comparing with others?

→Because the secret is the size of Echizen paper (Japanese handcrafted paper)

A4 size notebook    Our Ukiyo-e

If we lay the notebook over the Japanese paper together

Our Ukiyo-e is slightly larger than the A4 size notebook. It’s very handy.

・ “Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji   Approximately 32.5 cm X 22 cm/ print dimension Approximately 29 cm X 19.5 cm

・The Fifty-five Stations of the Tokaido  Approximately 34 cm X 22.5 cm/ print dimension Approximately 31 cm X 21.5 cm

・A Selections of Tosyusai Sharaku Approximately 34 cm X 24 cm/ print dimension Approximately 31 cm X 21.5 cm

・The best selections of Utamaro Approximately 40.5 cm X 28 cm/ print dimension Approximately 37 cm X 25 cm

※This one is larger size.

⚫︎About our medium size: approximately 32.5~34cm×22~24cm

Depending on the purpose, Ukiyo-e paper size varies, but it is almost defined.The most common size is the larger size (approximately 38cm×26cm), which is commonly used for other company’s reproduced products. We offer products with one size smaller, which is medium size (approximately 32.5~34cm×22~24cm). This enables to set the price affordable for customers easily (excluding some products).

Considering the production process only, both large and medium sizes have the identical process. However, if the size becomes smaller, the process becomes finer; it takes more time and cost.

Although that, we would like to pass down the Ukiyo-e to now, one of the exclusive treasures of Japan, forever, and we would like many people in modern time to know and feel about Ukiyo-e.

To achieve that, we strive to minimize the cost to offer affordable price to customers as possible as we can. Originally, Ukiyo-e was produced for general public. It is our pleasure if you will be able to feel the life of the Edo period that was the most glamorous and lively era in the Japanese history.

  • The back of frame

  • Frame size: width 44.5 cm X length 37 cm
    Mat size: width 28.5 cm X length 19 cm
    Weight: 1,320g

⚫︎This size is easy to handle, enabling you to carry it without any trouble

Our reproduced edition of the woodblock printed Ukiyo-e is middle size (approximately 32.5~34cm×22~24cm), excluding some products. It is easy to pack in your suitcase. We pack the purchased items securely so that you can take the items with you to abroad without worry for bent.

The weight of the item including the frame is 1,320g. Its weight is fine to hang on the wall.

  • Showing the sheet size holding in your hand

  • Item in the frame

  • A sheet (wrapped securely) in the suite case

  • A sheet within the frame (frame is wrapped securely) in the suite case

※Suite case size in photo: Outer dimension about 73X55X25cm (width) Inner dimension about 70X50X15cm (width)