why chose us

Why the reproduced edition of woodblock printed Ukiyo-e is so beautiful comparing to the original works that currently we can see? Our product, modern masters who succeeded in the craftsmanship from the Edo period completely, is the reproduced edition of Ukiyo-e. The fresh vividness of colors like the ones people in Edo saw emphasizes the beauty of the works compared with the originals.

The differences ca be seen between original and reproduced edition

This is an original Ukiyo-e printed in the Edo period.Deterioration is visible and obvious.

This is the reproduced edition of Ukiyo-e.The reproduced work has the same vividness of colors that people in the Edo period saw.

This is the back of the print of “Nihon-bashi Bridge” of “The Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido”.We can see the blur of the pigment commonly seen in woodblock prints.

The vividness of colors and texture are the most appealing attributes of reproduced edition of Ukiyo-e

The Prussian blue, fascinating the world in the previous centuries, is so called as Hiroshige-blue or Hokusai-blue.There are abundant works using this vivid deep Prussian blue. Only the reproduced edition of Ukiyo-e enables you to enjoy the same colors of tone that people in the Edo period enjoyed.

Katsushika Hokusai “Sosyuu Umezawa Left” from “Thirty-six Great Views of Mt. Fuji”

Definitely we appreciate other colors besides blue, inspiring fine and delicate black ink lines, and people’s rich facial expressions. The more we see, the more we are inspired.

Utagawa Hiroshige “Goyu: Tabibito Tomeonna” from “The Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido”

The original Ukiyo-e works that we can see in museums are genuine; however, of course, people in the Edo period enjoyed the colors of layers with vividness. Because of the texture of hand-rubbed woodblock printing and the beautifully vividness colors of reproduced edition of Ukiyo-e, we are proud of receiving fully satisfaction from our customers. No returns and complains from the start of our offer to now. The huge number of repeating customers proves enough our products have high quality.