The following are FAQs from our customers.
If you have questions other than those listed below, please feel free to contact us.

Q.Why is your price inexpensive compared with others?

We are distributing medium size reproduced editions of the Ukiyo-e woodblock prints. Unlike other distributors who are selling a larger size, ours are one size smaller, making them easily accessible to more customers. Although our products have affordable price range, we are proud of our quality, which is more than comparable to others, maximizing the masters’ time-honored techniques, fully passed down from the Edo period.

Q.What is the size of the products?

The medium size of our products are printed on approximately 32.5-34 X 24 cm Echizen paper (Japanese hand-crafted paper, excluding some special products) The size of the frame is 44.5 (width) X 37 (height) cm.

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Q.Do you carry other kinds of frames?

Unfortunately, we carry only the frames that we offer currently.

Q.I’m concered that items will be damaged in shipping.

No need to worry. We carefully prepare your purchased items before shipment.

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Q.How to store the printed Ukiyo-e

Our reproduction of Ukiyo-e woodblock prints is using the same natural materials that were used in the Edo period. Due to the uniqueness, to avoid deterioration and fading, keep out of direct sunlight. Keep in the place where there is some flow of fresh air. Our frames provide UV protection.

Q.Can I use my own frame?

Depending on the size, if the mat matches the Ukiyo-e size, you may be able to use your own frame.

Q.Will you do wrapping for a gift?

We are happy to provide gift wrapping. Please free to ask us about adding a message card and other comminication ideas. Please see the details here.

Q.Do you accept trade in?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer trade in for your previous purrchases from other distributors.